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Buy Dank Gummies now available in stock and ready to be shipped. Shop the best Dank Gummies online now. Dank gummies are delicious and tasty candies infused with 500MG of Thc in every package. Also, each bag contains 5 delicious flavor with an accurate dosing of 100mg THC per piece.

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Delta-8 Dank Gummies – Blue Raspberry Gummy Belts 1000mg

Blue Raspberry! Seriously, what’s to love about these? They’re delicious, sweet and sour strips of candy that will get you lit 10-15 minutes after taking some. They’re like bacon strips, but in candy form with a pleasant surprise. These have been a hit since day one and definitely guarantee return business. At 1000mg per pouch, you’re definitely gonna have a great time regardless of when, where or with who you take them with.

Consumption advisory: Start slowly and gradually if you have never used a product like this before. Each belt contains 200mg of Delta-8; start with 1 piece and wait at least 2 hours to see how it affects you before adding more. Everyone’s body reacts differently to edible cannabis products, so it’s crucial to know how yours will respond before ingesting a bunch.